Our Projects

General Info

Express Clearing & Forwarding Co. has sincere commitment to long-term economic, social, and environmental balance. This obligation towards sustainability will definitely help us share the great benefits with all stakeholders locally and abroad. We strongly believe that our decisions and actions determine whether or not we survive and prosper. Therefore, we manage all operations in a manner that protects environment, prevent injury and ill health, safety and wellbeing of employees, customers, contractors, and the community.

Project Details

Express Clearing & Forwarding Co. was responsible of the movement of Barges and related Equipment for the construction of Jack up barges consisting of Heavy Machinery, Heavy Steel Sections, Electrical accessories and sensitive equipment by (Air freight & Sea Freight) from all over the world to Abu Dhabi. We also moved Cranes for the Jack Up barges with the biggest challenge being a Helipad, which had to go on one of the Jack up Barge positioned at Rotterdam Port. Challenge being moving, the Helipad as it is without dismantling and due to the size of it for example: 28 mtrs Diameters it was a herculean task to ship it on time to Rotterdam.